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2.6K likes. Strona poświęca lokomotywie Vectron Siemensa Zabrania się rozpowszechniania zdjęć bez zgody Administratora Adama Kupniewskiego Vectron MS - electric locomotive build by Siemens. On july 22, 2020, DB Cargo hauled an extra ethanol train from Amsterdam to Kijfhoek with the 193 311. nance outlay. Consequently, Vectron Dual Mode handles a wide range of traction tasks much more economically than a standard diesel locomotive. So why not use electric power when it’s available?

Vectron locomotive

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It has a track gauge of 1,435mm and weighs 90 tonnes. The locomotive is designed to operate on a 15-kV AC voltage system and is equipped with a PZB train protection system. 2021-04-01 Frachbahn is on the move with an ELL Vectron. Numbered 193 964 193 764, the locomotive is now sporting the official branding of the Austrian operator.

Vectron at a glance – the vehicle concept - Siemens Global

Instead of adding more ES64U4 locomotives to its fleet, Austrian freight operator decided to order a Vectron AC locomotive back in 2013. Meanwhile, Siemens has completed this bright yellow Vectron locomotive. During the night of 25.02.2014, the locomotive was picked up in Munich and transported to Austria. - KK/AK On September 15, 2020, the AC version of the Vectron locomotive received official approval from the Danish safety authority “Trafik-, Bygge og Boligstyrelsen” for operating in Denmark.

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Vectron locomotive

[2] Vectron is the locomotive platform for Europe-wide cross-border rail transport. Designed to meet any traction need efficiently and cost-effectively, Vectron offers technical flexibility and economic predictability over the long term. Vectron is also being continually enhanced so that it’s always up-to-date. 2020-12-10 · Vectron – the vehicle concept.

14 Juli 2019 @ Arrie, Skåne #Siemens #Siemensvectron #Vectron #Tåg #Train  First how slippery it is and second how many axles the locomotive have. I'm a trindriver and use Siemens new and really nice Vectron loco with  MOSCOW - SEPTEMBER, 03: Demonstration of locomotives at V Anniversary Company in transit from Lugano, pulled by a Siemens Vectron locomotive.
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Vectron locomotive

They create transport  The Siemens Vectron locomotives are designed for cross-border rail traffic throughout Europe and comply with all relevant TSI standards. MRCE has nine  The Vectron is a locomotive series made by Siemens Mobility, introduced at the 2010 InnoTrans trade fair in four prototype versions: diesel, multi-system, and  May 20, 2019 It is a Vectron multi-system locomotive that TX Logistik is leasing from European Locomotive Leasing (ELL). The locomotive is equipped for the  I'd like to introduce my latest MOC, the Siemens Vectron locomotive of GySEV/ ROeEE railway company. These locomotive appeared only  Apr 3, 2017 First two of ten new Vectron locomotive handed over Long-term rental contract concluded with TX Logistik Full maintenance and repair  Feb 11, 2019 Hybrid locomotive concepts with a car-bodies for electric locomotives . 20 Siemens Vectron Extra-Mile locomotive for Finland – VR Sr3  Oct 24, 2019 This shortie shows my Vectron locomotive pulling finally some tanker waggons - a heavy freight train is a best choice for this powerful  Aug 19, 2013 The Austria-based private railway company CargoServ has ordered a Vectron locomotive from Siemens.

The company plans to demonstrate the new type locomotive at the Transport & Logistic Trade Fair to be held in Munich in June. The concept of the Dual Mode type was presented at The Vectron locomotives have already accumulated more than 300 million fleet kilometers of service and are certified for operating in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and … 2019-03-12 2020-12-30 On 15 September 2020, the AC version of the Vectron locomotive received official approval from the Danish safety authority ‘Trafik-, Bygge og Boligstyrelsen’ for operating in Denmark.
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Benutzer:MPW57. Användande på en.wikipedia.org. Vectron (locomotive)  Siemens Vectron electric locomotive. #siemens #vectron #electric #locomotive #trein. update 2017|04|01 [DE] Alpha Trains > TXL 193 550 pulling a freight train A first for us, an Alpha Trains Vectron locomotive pulling a freight train.

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Siemens Mobility's Vectron locomotives are used for both freight and passenger service. During the development of the locomotive, the focus was on providing a future-proof design, investment security, environmental compatibility, fungibility, retrofitting capability and convertibility. Vectron locomotives have multiple traction capability – compatible between the AC, DC, MS and DE types, with other modern Siemens locomotives and selected end- of-life or third-party vehicles. Besides TMC (ZDS*, ZMS**), optionally WTB with the Austrian remote control concept is available. Vectron offers unique flexibility in the market.

Couplings: Standard couplings DCC ready. The item has been tested and works properly. We always ship with GLS. The photos are part of the description. This Electric locomotive Vectron BR 193 of the Captrain is in as new condition Company Number: 193 891-9 Michael The loc is set on DCC 3 Runs perfectly  13.11.2017 - Hector Rail is growing, and is in need of new locomotives.